The main objectives of the project CALOCEAN

are the following:


  1. To adapt existing protocols for in vitro fertilization of oceanic squids to the target species of this study: Illex coindetii, Todaropsis eblanae and Todarodes sagittatus.
  2. To adapt the existing protocols for cryopreservation of sperm from marine species to the cryopreservation of cephalopod sperm, particularly oceanic squid sperm.
  3. To obtain an experimental protocol for rearing rhynchoteuthion paralarvae. To determine the biochemical composition of mature gonads, eggs and paralarvae, as a proxy for their nutritional requirements under culture conditions.
  4. To analyze the internal and external morphology of the laboratory hatched and wild collected rhynchoteuthion paralarvae, with special emphasis on sensory organs: the visual system, olfactory organ, Hoyle’s organ and lateral lines system. To develop a key for the identification of the NE Atlantic rhynchoteuthion larvae.
  5. To determine possible maternal effects that will influence the subsequent oocyte and larval quality by analyzing the nutritional status of the spawning female.